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November 7, 2019

Originally Born Two-and-a-Half Months Premature, Sabina Checkett now Works to Save other Premature Children.

Sabina Checkett
32-year-old Sabina Checkett was originally given a 50% chance to survive when she was born two and a half months early. She weighed 3lbs and fit into the palm of her father's hand. After surviving her early days, Checkett now works as a doctor to help save other preborn children facing similar struggles.

“I was just like them all those years ago and now I’m helping to look after them,” Checkett said.

Checkett spent three months in Norwich Children’s Hospital as a baby while she fought for her life. Now Checkett works in Evelina Children’s Hospital in London as a neonatal doctor to help other prematurely born children survive.

John Wyatt, Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics at University College London, presents evidence that 30 years ago only 20% of babies born before 28 weeks gestation survived. Now, a child born at 23 weeks gestation has a 50% chance to survive.

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