November 25, 2019

Memorial for Abortion Victims Sparks Anger from Feminists

In Belleville, Ontario, a Catholic group called The Knights of Columbus recently created a memorial in St. James Roman Catholic Cemetery for aborted children. After they posted pictures of the tombstone on Facebook, the pro-life group received a flurry of criticism from feminist groups and pro-abortion advocates across the internet.

In addition to being called "misogynists" and "crusty white boomers" by people on the internet, the men from this organization were criticized by Elissa Robertson, the coordinator of Warrior Women of Quinte. The Warrior Women held a demonstration against the memorial.

“[The memorial] ties into patriarchal values and this idea that women’s bodies are meant to be controlled by men. It’s a broader issue that ties into violence against women, it ties into health care, it ties into safety,” Robertson said.

These arguments are attacks against the character of pro-life advocates rather than defense of women. Accusing the pro-life community of wanting to control or harm women is a broad insult that we should not accept. We need to keep the conversation focused on the lives being lost and how they can be saved rather than make character attacks against those who are already born.

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