November 15, 2019

Daleiden and Center for Medical Progress found Guilty in Planned Parenthood Trial

David Daleiden
Credit: American Life League / Flickr
After exposing the abortion industry's practice of selling human body parts from aborted children, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) along with David Daleiden and all of the individuals involved with filming and releasing undercover videos have been found guilty of multiple crimes by a U.S. District Court jury.

The Mary Thomas Moore Society, a group that provided legal counsel for the defense told the press that the "process was unfair."

The CMP made the following statement in a press release:
"While top Planned Parenthood witnesses spent six weeks testifying under oath that the undercover videos are true and Planned Parenthood sold fetal organs on a quid pro quo basis, a biased judge with close Planned Parenthood ties spent six weeks influencing the jury with pre-determined rulings and by suppressing video evidence, all in order to rubber-stamp Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit attack on the First Amendment. This is a dangerous precedent for citizen journalism and First Amendment civil rights across the country, sending a message that speaking truth and facts criticizing the powerful is no longer protected by our institutions."
Between all of the charges and defendants, Planned Parenthood was awarded $2.2 million, including punitive and compensatory damages as well as attorneys' fees.

The pro-life defense lawyers have already stated that they plan to appeal.

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