October 10, 2019

Woman Shares Experience of Doctors Refusing to Assist her Premature-Born Children

Sonia with her husband and children.
Source: Sonia's Facebook post
Sonia Homeak Charbonneau gave birth to twin boys at 21 weeks gestation due to medical complications. Even though the babies survived birth, doctors refused to offer any medical assistance to help them live because the letter of the law stated that her children were "unviable". They were born 10 days before the law would have considered them viable. Charbonneau recently went to Facebook and explained the situation.
“[T]hey put me on progesterone and bed rest explaining to us that if the babies were born before 23 weeks they would not do anything to try to save them. They also did not want to give me the steroids to help their lungs develop until 23 weeks. We just really hoped they would stay in there!”
The twins, named Thunder and Cloud, lived for about an hour and a half before passing away. They needed medical assistance to survive since their lungs were not yet fully formed, but it was refused to them because they were born before 23 weeks gestation. Instead, she held her deceased children throughout the night. Click here to read more.