October 28, 2019

Jury Sees Screenshots of Delivery Form for Fetal Body Parts

Among many other things, jurors in the ongoing legal battle between Planned Parenthood and undercover journalists saw 2012 screenshots from a website which detailed a variety of options for ordering fetal body parts.

“You have one drop-down menu for the kind of body part you wanted. They had about 50 to a hundred different body parts listed. You could get a heart, you could get a heart with veins and arteries still attached, you could get a brain, you could get kidneys, you could get genitals. You could get the scalp. Really, anything you could imagine,” Daleiden said.

The website had menus for specifying gestational age, the number of specimens, and shipping methods. One could receive the body parts with same-day, overnight, or ground Fed-Ex shipping.

The testimony helps show that Daleiden was focused on exposing violent actions of abortion facilities which were altering abortion procedures in order to obtain intact body parts. A California privacy law that Daleiden is accused of breaking also says that someone who records others while trying to expose violent activities is exempt from punishment.

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