October 1, 2019


The July 12, 2019 issue of The Flinn Report revealed that The Department of Healthcare and Family Services has proposed an amendment (“proposed rule change”) to the Medical Assistance Programs (89 IAC 120; 43 ILL Reg 7599). The proposed rule change will “expand the type of providers who can presumptively enroll pregnant women in the Medicaid program.” (See The Flinn Report, dated 7/12/19, Vol. 43, p.2).

If this proposed rule is approved by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, (JCAR), Planned Parenthood, and other abortion providers will have the authority to determine independently if a pregnant woman qualifies for Medicaid benefits.

The ability to conveniently approve women for Medicaid benefits at their site and then immediately provide an abortion will encourage women to use their services. There is also financial incentive to find all women eligible for Medicaid benefits.

JCAR is the legislative committee that reviews rules that are proposed by State agencies. It is composed of 12 legislators. It is bipartisan. The committee members will vote on this proposed rule and determine if it will go forward.
The current members of JCAR are:
Sen. Don Harmon, D-39, Co-Chair 
Rep. Keith Wheeler, R-50, Co-Chair 
Sen. Kimberly Lightford, D-4 
Sen. Tony Munoz, D-1 
Sen. Sue Resin, R-38 
Sen. Paul Schimpf, R-58 
Sen. Chuck Weaver, R-37 
Rep. Tom Demmer, R-90 
Rep. Mike Halpin, D-72 
Rep. Frances Ann Hurley, D-35 
Rep. Steven Reick, R-63 
Rep. Andre Thapedi, D-32

PLEASE contact these legislators ask them to exempt Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities from this rule change.