September 26, 2019

UK Announces Plans to Fund Overseas Abortions

United Kingdom International Development Secretary Alok Sharma announced Monday at the United Nations that the UK plans to spend £600 million on “family planning supplies” for third-world nations over the next five years. The funding provides some health care services, including medication designed to help prevent death during childbirth, but a large portion of the services the UK plans to provide for these nations are related to abortion. Sharma said this during her address:

“The UK has been at the forefront of global efforts to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights for women and girls living in the world’s poorest countries. This UK aid will help give millions of women and girls control over their bodies, so they can choose if, when[,] and how many children they want. That is a basic right that every woman and girl deserves.”

Catherine Robinson, a spokesperson for Right to Life UK, pointed out in a statement of her own that "The British public does not want its taxes being used in this way. 65 [percent] have stated they are opposed to their taxes being used to fund overseas abortions.” Click here for more.