September 30, 2019

Man Who Admitted to Killing His Mother Cleared of Murder Because He "Acted Out of Love"

Langley Lodge care home in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex
Credit: East News Press Agency
Robert Knight was cleared of murder after he admitted to pushing his 79-year-old mother off a balcony. The 53-year-old son was visiting his mother at a nursing home in the United Kingdom when he pushed her off a balcony, giving her brain damage and causing her death not long after. He immediately called the nursing home staff and admitted to killing his mother, and did not resist police when they arrested him. He told authorities that he couldn't stand to watch his mother deteriorate due to her dementia, so he spent several days planning what he might do to end his mother's life.

Judge Samantha Leigh described Knight's actions as "mercy killing" and sentenced him to 60 days of rehabilitation with no jail time. He spent 9 months in jail awaiting his trial but is seemingly getting away with murder because of his mother's medical condition. Click here to read more.