September 16, 2019

Disabled Woman Jokingly Asks Assisted Suicide Donations. "No Single Person Said No."

Alex Luyckx
Samantha Connor, a wheelchair-bound woman, was protesting the premiere of a pro-suicide film titled "Me Before You," in which a wealthy man commits assisted suicide after becoming disabled to not burden his girlfriend and allow her to "live boldly." She was with about 15 other protestors at the time and decided to make what she thought would just be a joke.

“Because I’m completely hilarious I had a giant tin that said ‘Send Me to a Swiss Suicide Clinic’ and I rattled the tin after we’d finished our tiny protest, in jest, thinking that I was being funny." Initially, it was funny, but over time it became far more somber. "We took our tin and rattled it and over the course of the next hour, the smiles faded from our faces, because no single person said ‘no’.” Donators state that they would also want to die if they were in a wheelchair. Click here for more.