September 17, 2019

Daleiden Begins Testimony on Undercover Journalism Operation

Undercover Journalist for the Center for Medical Progress David Daleiden took the stand for the first time Monday to testify as a defendant in a case regarding an illegal taping lawsuit in California. He began to detail many of the interactions that he had with members of the abortion industry while posing as a graduate student researching stem cells. He was told by lawyers before starting the operation that the taping would be considered legal under California law if it was done in public spaces where conversations couldn't be considered confidential or if he had a reasonable belief that he was gathering evidence of violent crimes.

Under oath, he discussed conversations with abortion doctors who admitted to selling fetal tissue when he expressed the desire to gather fetal specimen donations. He testified that an abortionist named Perrin Larton from an organization called Advanced Bioscience Resources told him that she was performing abortions for the purpose of harvesting fetal organs. The conversations led Daleden to believe that the organs were harvested from babies who were born alive in order to harvest tissue more effectively.

He also spoke about conversations his co-defendant Sandra Merritt had with other doctors in the abortion industry. They admitted to purposefully altering abortion procedures in order to obtain completely intact bodies when removing fetuses from their mothers' wombs. Abortion consultant Ruth Arick admitted to employing over-dilation as a method of procuring intact bodies and even stated that this was "a risk to women." This confirms that these abortion disregard the health of the women asking for abortions for the sake of profiting from organ sales. Daleiden's testimony will continue today. Click here for more.