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August 29, 2019

United Nations Cancels Pro-life Workshop at Conference for “building inclusive and sustainable cities and communities.”

On Saturday, August 24th, the United Nations canceled a workshop titled “The Family and Protection of Life, Women and Girls in Sustainable Communities," when the UN conference for "building inclusive and sustainable cities and communities" was set to start in only two days, on August 26th in Salt Lake City, Utah. Two other workshops were presented by Family Watch International, and neither of them was canceled, presumably for political reasons.

A spokesman for the Salt Lake City Mayor's Office had this to say, "The group members who were going to be on the panel, the groups that they were representing have a history of not being inclusive. There were not other voices on that panel talking about a really complicated issue. That was really where the concern came down for the workshop committee." Apparently, the United Nations did not want to have conversations about building cities that were inclusive of preborn life. Click here for more.