June 23, 2019

Stars’ Support of Abortion Fails To Show True Empowerment Of Women

Stars’ Support of Abortion Fails To Show True Empowerment Of Women
Selena Gomez, Arianna Grande, Miley Cyrus.

These are all former Disney Channel and Nickelodeon stars who influenced so many little girls as someone to look up to and who now as beautiful, famous young women still command the attention of the public spotlight.

Yet recently these women have all felt the need to praise and portray abortion as a way to empower women. Cyrus with her “abortion is healthcare” cake photo, Grande with her donation of concert proceeds to Planned Parenthood, and Gomez’s modeling and endorsement of a “1973” necklace by Sophie Ratner to commemorate Roe v. Wade’s abortion victory.

Although it’s completely their choice to express themselves this way, it seems very telling of our present social climate that these young women see their glamorous endorsements of abortion as the answer to being strong women and solving problems in the world. And yes, that’s their choice, but it does make an impact on the culture and the public’s perception of issues like abortion.

Viewing abortion as empowerment may appear simple and popular, but it completely disregards the natural function and capability of a woman’s body to form and carry children – a new, unique life. That is empowering, as only a woman is able to carry a new life in her womb.  Click here for more.