June 4, 2019

ACTION ALERT - Proposed Cook County Resolution 19-3758 (Reproductive Health Act) Hearing

We would encourage as many folks as possible to come and to speak during public testimony on Wednesday June 5th at 11 am.  Please note: typically the meetings sometimes run late/behind, so patience is appreciated, further I wouldn’t be shocked if they intentionally try discourage or out last speakers by slowing down the process making folks sit around waiting so as to make speakers lose will of purpose.

Here is some back ground information on what actually occurred last week, it also contains a link to register to speak and also to send in a position slip into the county.

Please note:  even if you/someone do not register to speak but show up last minute, you can request permission at the time of the actual hearing during public testimony to speak on the item.

Democrats on the Cook County Board of Commissioners are pushing a resolution in support of Illinois House Bill 2495 - Reproductive Health Act, which backers and opponents agree would be the most liberal (and extreme) reproductive health care measure in the entire country. This resolution was quietly introduced on May 23 and sent to committee for approval in June. Of course, My Democrat colleagues and the pro-abortion supporters were notified in advance of this resolution, but I was not until 8:45am the day of and more than 30 of them were on-hand to speak in support of it.  Unfortunately, I was the only dissenting "NO" vote to send this resolution to committee and the lone dissenting voice in the entire board room... Outnumbered 50 to 1.

The resolution was assigned a committee hearing date so now people who oppose House Bill 2495 and the massive expansion of abortion will have the opportunity to publicly voice their sentiments on the record before the Cook County Board of Commissioners. I strongly urge you to attend this meeting and provide public testimony on this item.

The resolution is listed as Item 19-3758 and will be called before the Legislation & Intergovernmental Committee on Wednesday, June 5 at 11:30AM in the County Board Room (5th Floor) of the Cook County Building located at 118 N. Clark Street, Chicago.  I've included a link which offers you the options to sign-up for public testimony or submit a written statement if you're unable to attend in-person. Click here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JUNE52019MTGS.