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May 7, 2019

VIDEO: PBS documentary failed to show painful reality of abortion pill experience

PBS documentary failed to show painful reality of abortion pill experience
In a weak attempt to make abortion seem like a normal part of a woman’s life, PBS completely failed to accurately portray abortion in its documentary series “The Abortion Divide.” Claiming to go “inside” abortion facilities to show what it’s like, the documentary touched on medication abortions but stopped short of actually showing what women go through after they have swallowed the deadly pills.

One mother featured in the abortion pill portion of the documentary is Taryn, who is nonchalant about killing her preborn twins with the abortion pill. “What I hope I feel is a sense of peace, not only with myself and the decision that I’ve made but also a sense of peace with these two beings that I’ve chosen not to bring into the world. Thank you for choosing me,” she says to her twins. “And I’m honored to be given this gift of life. And also, I can’t do it right now. I can’t accept that mantle in terms of the other lives that I’m taking care of and I’m responsible for.”

Taryn and PBS fail to realize that there are approximately two million couples waiting to adopt babies — that’s 36 couples for every one baby placed for adoption. A couple could have immediately adopted those babies and Taryn could have gone back to her life raising her other two children. Instead, she decided she would rather her twins were dead — never born — than raised by someone else.  Click here for more.