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The passage of SB25 is a wake-up call for all individuals in the State of Illinois who believe in the sanctity life.  This extreme legis...

March 29, 2019

No, the Mexico City Policy is Not Increasing Abortion Rates Overseas

No, the Mexico City Policy is Not Increasing Abortion Rates Overseas
On Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the Trump administration plans to strengthen the Mexico City policy, which has been in effect during every Republican presidential administration since 1984 and which prevents U.S. foreign-aid money from funding groups that either perform or promote abortions overseas.

As public opinion has begun to shift in a more pro-life direction in recent years, supporters of legal abortion, including many in the media, have begun to pursue a different strategy. Instead of arguing that the pro-life argument for the sanctity of human life is philosophically wrong, abortion-rights supporters often argue that pro-life policies are ineffective or counterproductive. In reality, however, a substantial body of research illustrates that defunding organizations that perform abortions is an effective strategy for lowering abortion rates. Pro-lifers should welcome this strengthened Mexico City policy.

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