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Illinois Federation for Right to Life Statement on the passage of SB25

The passage of SB25 is a wake-up call for all individuals in the State of Illinois who believe in the sanctity life.  This extreme legis...

November 5, 2018

President Trump: “We celebrate the life-changing act of adoption”

During National Adoption Month, we recognize the immeasurable love and support that adoptive parents and families provide to hundreds of thousands of children each year. We celebrate the life-changing act of adoption, bring attention to the millions of Americans who are eager to adopt, and express our gratitude to the families who have welcomed children into their lives and homes. My Administration also acknowledges the courage of those mothers and fathers who place their child for adoption. Our Nation grows stronger because of the love and sacrifice of parents, both birth and adoptive.

Adoption is a blessing for all involved. It provides needed relief to birth parents, who may not, for whatever reason, be in a position to raise a child. It fosters loving homes for children. It enables individuals to grow their families and share their love. And it fosters strong families, which are integral to ensuring strong communities and a resilient country. To secure the benefits of adoption, we must continue to assist families who are willing to adopt children in need of a permanent home and support the adoptive families already formed. We must also encourage all Americans to recognize that adoption is a powerful way to show women they are not alone in an unexpected pregnancy.