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August 6, 2018

Steve Jobs: Adoption was the first of many ‘connected dots’ in my life

Steve Jobs: Adoption was the first of many ‘connected dots’ in my life

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, though he passed away at the young age of in 2011, is still making headlines. A controversial new book written by his daughter, Lisa, with whom he had a strained relationship, reportedly paints him in an unfavorable light. But the relationships in Jobs’ life — like in many of our lives –were complicated. And yet, when Jobs made remarks reflecting on his own life, it is clear that he was grateful for the opportunities life had afforded him.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backwards.” These were Jobs’ words in a speech at Stanford University’s graduation in 2005. Jobs described having been born to an unwed graduate student who chose to place him with a family for adoption. The prospective adoptive couple were college graduates. But when they found out he was a boy, they had wanted a girl so they refused to go through with the adoption. Another couple then received a sudden call about “an unexpected baby boy.” They wanted him. But when Steve’s biological mother found out this couple were not college-educated, she refused to sign the adoption papers until they promised her they would send him to college. Steve eventually did go to college, but dropped out after a year. And that, of course, was another “dot” in his life, connecting him to his future with Apple, and later with Pixar.

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