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August 15, 2018

One Ohio Abortion Facility Sues Another and the Hypocrisy Is Astounding

One Ohio Abortion Facility Sues Another and the Hypocrisy Is Astounding
A few weeks ago, pro-life Ohioans caught a major break when one Columbus abortion facility decided to sue another, providing a small but wonderful glimpse into the hypocrisy of Big Abortion.

Alleging lease violations, breach of contract, and other charges, Founder’s Women’s Health Center formally initiated a lawsuit against Your Choice Healthcare, a new abortion facility which opened following a business split that forced Founder’s to temporarily close at the end of June.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the lawsuit asks the Franklin County Common Pleas Court for an order that would prohibit Your Choice from operating, claiming that the new abortion business is improperly using proprietary information and assets of Downtown Gynecologists, Inc.—the group that runs Founder’s—such as its phone number, website, policies, and forms.

With all these accusations of falsified ownership at play, you could say, in a sense that Your Choice has been accused of being a “fake clinic” — a charge the abortion industry infamously lobs at pro-life pregnancy help centers for telling women the truth about abortion and the dignity of human life.

Yes, Founder’s and Your Choice certainly still agree on the right to abort innocent children, and no, they would never openly identify one another as a “fake clinic.”

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