July 2, 2018

Pro-aborts ignoring healthcare workers' rights

Pro-aborts ignoring healthcare workers' rights
Medical professionals have waited years for their consciences to be protected, and the founder of the only professional pharmacy association that is "100 percent total protection, no exceptions pro-life, and unashamedly so" says social media is being used to hinder that.

One example of the harm involves Brian Hreniuc, a Walgreen's pharmacist in Arizona who declined to fill a prescription for a woman to abort her child. Instead, he sent her to another pharmacy that would do so, fulfilling the company's requirements for pharmacists who do not want to violate their conscience or faith.

But Dr. Bo Kuhar of Pharmacists for Life International tells OneNewsNow the woman, Nicole Arteaga, made a big issue out of it on social media.

"She claims she filed a complaint with the Arizona Board of Pharmacy … as a patient has the right to do," Kuhar reports. "But that probably will not go anywhere, because both the state and the employer are supporting a pharmacist having a right of conscience."

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