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June 18, 2018

VIDEO: Pro-life commercial from Herbal Essences stirs up controversy

A new pro-life ad from Herbal Essences is taking a lot of heat for trying to show how capable women are. The abortion industry would have us all believe that pregnancy and motherhood are stumbling blocks on the path to success. Nothing could be further from the truth, but abortion facilities don’t make money off of women choosing life. Pro-life organizations are constantly proving that pregnant women can be and are successful when they are given support. Women are smart enough and strong enough to overcome any apparent obstacles before them, no matter what big abortion says.

With their #PregnantWomenCan campaign, Herbal Essences declares pregnant women to be “unstoppable forces of nature” while “doing it for two” and highlights that this year pregnant women will exercise, work, run businesses, volunteer, and:

Oh yeah, they’ll create over 4 million new humans.

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