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April 16, 2018

Court seizes custody of Alfie Evans from parents

Alfie's Army

The parents of baby Alfie Evans have lost custody over their son and he has now become a “ward of the court,” effective noon April 14th. The news was shared by the family’s media coordinator.

“We are outraged that in further legally indefensible steps during the night, the hospital obtained a faxed order making Alfie a ward of the court, removing parental rights from Tom and Kate over their son Alfie, taking effect at noon today,” a press release authorized by the family’s legal team states.

“This once again is logically backwards, as all parents are responsible to protect their child from threats to life, and the hospital is effectively claiming that it is more dangerous for Alfie to live in peace with love and quality care than to die by the hands of his doctors. This is not a sign of a free country; this is dictatorship of the state

The news comes after Alfie’s parents Tom and Kate attempted to remove their child from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool yesterday afternoon after being assured that Alfie was neither a “prisoner” nor a ward of the court. They had a medical team prepared to transport Alfie to a plane standing by. Alfie’s family want him to receive treatment at the Bambino Gesù hospital in Rome. However, the hospital called police, who threatened to arrest Alfie’s father for assault if he took his son.

“Alder Hey hospital called in police to stop Alfie’s transfer, locking all doors, setting off a fire alarm and removing all children from the PICU. This merely proves first that Alder Hey is acting in violation of parental rights, second that Alfie is indeed a prisoner if the police are being used, and third their tactics are simply hysterical,” states the press release.

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