March 8, 2018

Rauner campaign funds non-partisan, pro-abortion women's group website

Women Working for Change
The Rauner campaign is funding a website appealing to those golden suburban women votes called "Women Working for Change" - and here's how the group describes itself:


We joined together on the core principle that if we listen to each other and elevate the conversation above the constant political fighting we can reach real solutions to the problems we face in our state.

The current political environment has many of us reconnecting to our personal values and principles, rather than to political parties. This has offered us an incredible opportunity to drop our defenses and come together to focus on our state’s biggest obstacles.

This year Governor Bruce Rauner signed legislation that ensures all women in Illinois, no matter of income, have access to reproductive health services—boldly taking the issue off the table. For many of us this issue has defined our vote.

We can move forward confident that women’s reproductive rights are protected, and on to other important issues stifling our state. 

Oh yeah - those doctors, teachers and moms that demand absolutely no restrictions on abortion, for any reason, at any time, and paid for by other doctors, teachers and moms that don't want their little babies either - as well as everyone else in Illinois that pays income taxes.

Who's paying for the website? We kid you not:

Paid for by Citizens for Rauner

This article originally was posted on Illinois Review.