March 6, 2018

Planned Parenthood’s insidious 2018 battle plan hinges on state laws promoting abortion

Abortion on Demand and without apology
Last week, Planned Parenthood held a news conference to announce its plans for 2018. Fittingly, this was a news conference held over the phone rather than one where reporters gather in person. This fits the ever-growing web-cam abortion business Planned Parenthood is also working toward.

In combination with the news conference, Planned Parenthood issued a press release that said, in part: “Today, Planned Parenthood, in conjunction with state lawmakers, advocates, and fellow advocacy groups, unveiled a sweeping plan to push initiatives that expand access to reproductive health care [sic] in all 50 states. The push kicks off today, with the announcement that more than a dozen states this week are moving legislation that would expand access to abortion, birth control, and other reproductive health care.” The release further clarified that Planned Parenthood seeks “protections for birth control coverage, bills that expand access to abortion, and changes to make sex education more inclusive.”

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