February 21, 2018

Judge rules Alfie’s ventilator can be turned off

Tom Evans and Kate James
A furious Tom Evans said today the battle to keep his seriously ill son on a ventilator “isn’t over, this is just the start” moments after Mr. Justice Hayden ruled for Alder Hey Hospital which wishes to turn Alfie’s ventilator off. The judge agreed with medical personnel that although Alfie Evans’ devastating illness cannot be specifically labeled, it was “ultimately fatal.” They argued that continuing to provide treatment to the 21-month-old is “unkind, unfair and inhumane.”

But in an impromptu news conference outside the Liverpool Civil and Family Court building an angry Evans was having none of that. He said

Alfie Evans and parents
“Can you believe my son is being sentenced to a death sentence with two days to go? …I’m not crying because I know how wrong they are and I know how strong my boy is. My boy is strong, my boy is comfortable. This isn’t over, this is just the start. I am going to take this NHS down. I’m not giving up. My son ain’t giving up. …

“My son is two years of age and he’s been sentenced to the death penalty. How wrong is that?”

Mr. Evans and Kate James, Alfie’s mother, want to transport Alfie to Italy for further diagnosis and possible treatment and if they do not succeed, be transferred to Germany.

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