September 21, 2017

Pro-lifers 'socking it' to members of Congress

Sockit2PP Truck
Students for Life has launched its "Sockit2PP Truck Tour." Executive director Kristan Hawkins says they will be busy selling the idea in key states.

"We're going to be touring the country with baby socks this fall, demanding that Congress uphold their promises to defund Planned Parenthood," she explains. "We have purchased a truck [and] stuffed it with 328,348 baby socks – every single sock representing one child who will be aborted this year by Planned Parenthood, which we fund with our tax dollars."

The campaign kicked off this week in Washington, DC, with subsequent stops planned in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia – and ending up back in the nation's capital again on Saturday, September 23. The group hopes to impress upon U.S. senators representing those states the need to strip the abortion-provider of federal funding. After the tour, the socks will be divided as they head to 90 college campuses this fall.

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