August 28, 2017

New study disputes Planned Parenthood claims

Planned Parenthood touts its healthcare services as the primary thrust of their organization, but a Charlotte Lozier Institute study recently repudiated that claim. Dr. James Studnicki, vice president and director of CLI's Data Analytics, co-authored the research and took a look at Planned Parenthood services, such as the one that supposedly helps people with STDs.

Dr. Studnicki discussed his findings with OneNewsNow, explaining that even though Planned Parenthood does conduct a tiny bit of treatment, they mostly provide testing for their customers. "For most of the services they provide, treatment is a very, very tiny fraction and most often less than 1 percent of the total national service," says Studnicki. "But for some of their contraceptive services, their national market share can climb up as high as 4, 5, or 6 percent."

"Nothing that Planned Parenthood does would lead us to indicate that withdrawal of their services would be life-threatening or result in death," stated Studnicki. "Most of what they do is relatively superficial."  Yet, Planned Parenthood has cornered the market for abortion, performing 35 percent of them nationwide.

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