August 3, 2017

Another Hospital is trying to force a baby off life support, parents won’t give up fight

Alfie has been at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital since December. He has "constant, chronic seizures," his father, Thomas Evans, explained to LifeSiteNews via email. He is in a coma and has a mysterious, undiagnosed disease.  The UK hospital wants to force Alfie off life support but the parents say they believe it's their "duty, devotion, and job to investigate all avenues of care" for their son, Alfie Evans.  The hospital told them to get lawyers because they want to pull Alfie's life support. His parents are hoping to find a neurologist who can help Alfie.

He is currently intubated and has a ventilator helping him to [breathe], but is also seen by doctors and family taking breaths himself. He has come off life support three times and shown he can manage a maximum of 13 days without the ventilator.

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