August 9, 2017

9-year-old goes viral trying to save babies

nine-year-old Briana
A pro-life counseling event was staged in mid-July at Women's Med Center abortion clinic in Indianapolis, Indiana, and pro-life supporters were present to counsel women in favor of life. During the event, nine-year-old Briana, without being encouraged to do so, retrieved a voice-amplifying headset and began trying to save the babies of the women entering the clinic. Another supporter grabbed her phone and started recording. The video was posted to the "Hoosier Babies" Facebook page and has since gone viral.

"There's so many things you can do as 'first things,'" Briana addressed the women while she stood outside the clinic. "The first things are awesome, too. You can have first birthdays, first Christmases, first everything, first day to hug your baby, first day to see her."

Briana was bold enough to put it on a more personal level for abortion-seeking women.

"I'm a nine-year-old and the voice of your baby right now. Don't kill me. Save me. Let me live. Let me see the world. Let me grow up so I can worship Jesus and God," she pleaded with the mothers. "That's what your baby is saying.

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