Pro-Life Lawsuit against the state of Illinois

Pro-Life Lawsuit against the State of Illinois

On November 30, 2017, the Thomas More Society filed a taxpayer lawsuit against State of Illinois officials in a counter attack against House Bill 40, which requires public funding of tens of thousands of elective abortions. The taxpayer lawsuit, filed in the Sangamon County Circuit Court, is brought on behalf of hundreds of thousands of Illinois taxpayers, represented by county and statewide pro-life organizations including the Illinois Federation for Right to Life and it's many affiliates.
HB 40 would force every Illinoisan to pay for free abortions for those on Medicaid and state employee health insurance. This would apply through the full nine months of pregnancy and for any reason, even when the latest scientific research has shown that the unborn child can feel pain and survive outside the womb.

The Thomas More society is a not for profit national public interest law firm dedicated to restoring respect in law for life, family, and religious freedom. The Thomas More Society is based in Chicago. Please consider helping the Thomas More Society with your financial support.

June 7, 2017

Why even the slightest deviation from militant pro-abortion orthodoxy unnerves the Democratic Party

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards
Whenever there is a suggestion that there exists even the slightest space between Democrats and 100% support for abortion on demand , you can expect what we’ve seen over the last month or so–oodles of laments that (as Amy Irvin wrote in Cosmopolitan magazine yesterday) “Anti-“Abortion Democrats Put Women at Risk.”

To be fair Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards gives Ms. Irvin and her associates real reason to lament. He does not furrow his brow and talk about being “personally pro-life” and then follow NARAL’s line without the slightest deviation. He actually signs pro-life bills and actually files amici briefs in support of pro-life legislation. So you can understand why the subtitle to Irvin’s post is “Take a lesson from Louisiana.”

But the to-ing and fro-ing from the likes of pro-abortionists such as Irvin is not about genuine pro-life Democrats, who, alas, are as rare nowadays as hen’s teeth. They throw a conniption when there is even the slightest suggestion there is room in the Democratic Party for pro-lifers.

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