May 31, 2017

Numerous Planned Parenthood closures not missed

Planned Parenthood Clinic
President Donald Trump has submitted his proposed $4.1 trillion budget to the United States Congress, part of which denies federal funds to organizations that provide abortions – including Planned Parenthood. It calls for sending those dollars to the more than 10,000 federally qualified medical centers located across the country that do not provide abortions.

As a recognized expert on Planned Parenthood, Jim Sedlak of the American Life League told OneNewsNow that women living in poverty actually do not miss the abortion clinics – evidence that was provided last week by the nation's largest abortion provider:  “These qualified health centers provide a wide range of services – a lot more women services than Planned Parenthood does – and so they're able to cover not only what Planned Parenthood does, but they're able to cover a huge range of services, including providing primary care … which Planned Parenthood does not do,” Sedlak explained.

The massive abortion business has closed down more than 300 clinics in the past two decades and has provided fewer health services – while increasing abortion.

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