Illinois Senate passed the Equal Rights Amendment


On April 11, 2018 the Illinois Senate passed the Equal Rights Amendment as Senate Joint Resolution Constitution Amendment 4 (SJRCA4). The fight now goes to the House.

Eight Republican Senators voted for the ERA. Pro-life Illinoisans deserve political leaders who will clearly commit to the protection of innocent unborn children, and who will follow through on that commitment.

While we are disappointed with all 43 Senators who voted for abortion, we are gravely disturbed by those who solicited pro-life support and presented themselves as pro-life but voted for the ERA. Their vote was a vote in opposition to life and will not be ignored. The Illinois Federation for Right to Life PAC, Illinois Citizens for Life PAC, Illinois Family Action PAC, Illinois Family PAC, and Lake County Life PAC will not endorse or support any legislator that casts a vote for such a sweeping pro-abortion piece of legislation as the ERA. Click here for more

November 14, 2016

UPDATE: HB 4013 - State Insurance Public Aid Abortions

Vote NO on HB4013
HB4013 - State Insurance Public Aid Abortions

House Sponsors:
Rep. Sara Feigenholtz, Carol Sente, Ann M. Williams, Elizabeth Hernandez, Barbara Flynn Currie, Gregory Harris and Emanuel Chris Welch

This bill is Re-referred to Rules Committee

Additional information:
The language for this bill has also been added to SB1465 as an amendment (House Amendment 1).  This bill is in the Appropriations-Human Services Committee.  It was not called for a vote during this last session, however it is unknown if this bill will be heard in the committee during the next session.

This bill removes the portion of the State Employees Group Insurance Act that prohibits including the expenses of obtaining an abortion, induced miscarriage or induced premature birth.  This means that the State's medical assistance program will no longer exclude coverage for abortions.  It also now includes abortions, or induced miscarriages or premature births on the list of services provided.  In addition, this bill will no longer prohibit the Department of Human Services from making grants to nonprofit agencies and organizations that use such grants to refer or counsel for, or perform, abortions.  So tax payer money could be used to cover abortions and fund grants to organizations who perform abortions.  This bill removes all restrictions on tax payer funding of abortions.

Contact your Illinois State Representative and urge them to vote NO on HB4013.

You can find your Representative's contact information by clicking here.

Click here for more information on this bill.