October 12, 2016

Pro-lifers forced into abortion referrals

Both California and Illinois have passed tough laws forcing pro-life volunteers to refer pregnant women for abortions, despite the fact that the volunteers’ purpose is to convince mothers not to terminate the lives of their babies.

Jor-El Godsey, who heads Heartbeat International, tells OneNewsNow the pro-lifers also have to post signs that are contrary to their message.

“Including [a sign saying] 'This is not a licensed medical clinic,' which is kind of interesting,” he says, “because in some of the states, what's supposedly required there is no licensing for medical clinics - so it's a bit of an intentional obscuring of truth in order to advance an agenda.”

So why are abortionists so ardent in their quest to force pro-lifers to send clients to abortion clinics?

“They are losing in the marketplace because abortion numbers have been coming down, thank God,” he responds.

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