October 10, 2016

PP 'excited about abortion stories,' deploys $30M Hillary army

No longer content with the messaging that abortion advocates want to keep the lethal procedure “safe, legal and rare,” Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards and Clinton are now pushing the Democratic Party’s movement that is vying to normalize abortion across America by promoting extremist pro-abortion activism.

Part of Richards campaign now is urging women to come out of the closet and proudly share about their abortions – much like the homosexual agenda encourages those who engage in homosexual behavior to speak up for the LGBT community. She is attempting to make both sound as if abortion and LGBT activists are part of a civil rights movement.

Richards is fearful of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump harnessing the power to nominate pro-life SCOTUS judges – as he has promised to do if elected – especially with the lifelong pro-life activist, Mike Pence, at his side as his running mate.

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