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August 1, 2016

Gov. Rauner Signs SB1564 The Amendment to the Health Care Right of Conscience Act

On July 29, 2016 Gov. Rauner signed SB1564 (The Amendment to the Health Care Right of Conscience Act).  He did not betray the pro-life movement.  He was never with us.   He has stated without hesitation that he is pro-choice.  Any statements he made during his campaign indicating that he would stay away from “social issues” should have been viewed for what they were – meaningless campaign verbiage to garner votes.  Any deals or discussions behind closed doors with pro-lifers should have been recognized as a tactic to pacify and mislead.

Signing SB1564 was simply Rauner being Rauner.

The legislative fight against SB1564 was a shining example of how various pro-life groups can mobilize and work together.  The grassroots was energized and once again demonstrated what a great resource we have available when pro-lifers are informed and engaged.

We fought nobly to defend life, women and religious liberty.  So signing SB1564 reveals that not only is the Governor anti-life, he is not a friend of women and does not respect individuals with deeply held religious convictions.  Attacking Pregnancy Resource Centers is particularly ugly.  We need to be clear that we are dealing with a Governor willing to pursue such a course of action.

We need to recognize that we must change the make-up of the Illinois General Assembly.  We need to garner all our resources and work together in the upcoming elections.  We need to set aside any differences we may have and harness the strength of unity in purpose and commitment.

If we fail to do so then we have betrayed the pro-life movement.

Click here for more on SB1564.

Dawn Behnke
President, IFRL