Governor Rauner Signs Pro-Abortion HB40

UPDATE: Governor Rauner has signed House Bill 40 in to public act on September 28th.   It is effective June 1st, 2018. In a press confe...

July 27, 2016

Understanding who Tim Kaine really is, not who some would want him to be

For some, Tim Kaine is a classic Rorschach test. Not that his true identity as a card-carrying pro-abortion Democrat is actually at issue, but there are various segments of those active in politics who are determined to see in him an image of their liking.

Just so we’re clear, NRLC knows exactly who he is. We have written about Kaine multiple times of late. He’s in the bag for the Abortion Industry and his choirboy face doesn’t change anything.

Likewise our opposite numbers know that they can count on Kaine, early, often, and always. Here are a couple of tweets from Cecile Richards:

But…. there are those fire-breathing pro-abortion feminist militants for whom nobody—or at least no man—could possibly be sufficiently zealous to be Hillary Clinton’s vice president. Kaine votes the right way, says all the right things, for heaven sakes he even co-sponsored a bill in the Senate to turn the pro-life legislative landscape into a wasteland. But not enough.

Kaine was chosen because he is lock-step with Clinton on abortion and because he comes off “moderate” enough to perhaps fool some.

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