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June 15, 2016

Illinois breaks its own law protecting religious freedom

Sandra Mendoza was a nurse in Rockford, Illinois, in Winnebago County's Health Department where she served in the pediatric clinic and also in a children's home in Rockford. Noel Sterett, an attorney with the Chicago-based law firm Mauck & Baker, tells OneNewsNow a change came about that forced Mendoza out of her job.

“A new public health administrator was hired by the Health Department, and Mendoza was informed that as a result of the mergence of the Women's Health Clinic and Pediatric Clinic she was going to have to be involved in the provision of abortion referrals and abortifacients,” Sterett explains. “And according to her beliefs, both religious and moral conscientious objections, she couldn't participate.”

Mendoza was then informed she would have to take a job as a temporary food inspector and then was forced out of her job for standing for life and for her convictions, the attorney explains.

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