May 9, 2016

Erasing the Truth About Planned Parenthood

To The Source asked me to give my impressions of the Planned Parenthood “fetal parts for sale” imbroglio. I was happy to oblige.

Sadly, I am not surprised that the scandal–and that’s what it is–has been forcibly erased by the media from the public’s consciousness. From, “Erasing the Truth About Planned Parenthood:”

When videos were released of Planned Parenthood executives apparently admitting that fetuses are harvested for their body parts for pay after abortions, many pro-lifers were hopeful that—at last—a tipping point had been reached that would discredit the organization responsible for more than 300,000 feticides in the United States each year. 

Dream on. As I wrote elsewhere at the time, a nation that embraced Jack Kevorkian as a “compassionate” crusader—even though his stated goal was to conduct experiments on living people he was euthanizing—and that also supported the cruel intentional dehydration death of Terri Schiavo at the orders of her husband—living at the time with his “fiancĂ©” by whom he had sired two children—was unlikely to remain upset for long by the utilitarian use of fetal parts obtained in an abortion. 

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