March 10, 2016

Krauthammer: ‘Semi-Historic’ for Dems to Be Pressed on Abortion at FNC Town Hall

On Tuesday’s Special Report on Fox News, columnist Charles Krauthammer praised anchor Bret Baier for finally holding Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders accountable for their hard-left abortion views: “I thought it was even almost – it was semi-historic the way you actually asked a question about abortion. I think there have been, what, seven Democratic debates and not one about abortion.”

He blasted the constant media double standard on the issue:

The moderators are always asking Republicans about the difficult issue of exceptions for the pro-life position, which is a serious question. But you never hear the same question asked about the difficult exceptions on the pro-choice side, meaning, is there any time, anywhere, any time in the pregnancy when you would allow a regulation to prevent an abortion? Which is never asked, has to be asked, and was asked.

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