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February 22, 2016

Obama like clockwork in opposing abstinence ed funding

President Obama's 2017 budget proposal eliminates a $10-million/year grant program for abstinence-only education – also known as sexual risk avoidance (SRA). Valerie Huber of Ascend, formerly known as the National Abstinence Education Association, says this comes as no surprise – even after Congress boosted the program to the $10 million mark.

"He is predictable but inexcusable," says the group's executive director. "Every single year since he has assumed the office of president, the budget that he sent to Congress eliminated every penny for sexual risk avoidance education – and this year is no exception."

"We're having a congressional briefing on Capitol Hill to let members of Congress and their offices know the lay of the land and what is in peril this year," she explains, "and to help them understand the benefits of sexual risk avoidance education."

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