January 8, 2016

Parents fighting for daughter’s life: “Why wouldn’t we try?”

Chris and Natalie McCrone were excited to learn they would be adding twins to their family of four, but at 12 weeks gestation they learned one of the twins had died. They were devastated, and that loss would soon be followed by more heartbreaking news.

At 35 weeks it was discovered that their baby girl, named Cassidy, was not growing properly. According to the family blog, Cassidy’s limbs were not measuring at the right size for a baby her age. Her humerus bones were measuring 18 weeks and her femur bones at 27 weeks.

Doctors warned the McCrones that Cassidy might not survive birth or may need to be on a ventilator to breathe. However, the couple was determined to bring their little girl home, and before they headed to the hospital for a planned C-section, they made sure that their home was ready for the baby’s arrival.

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