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December 4, 2015

First pro-lifers are blamed for Colorado Springs murders, now hints that yesterday’s violence in San Bernardino may have a connection to local Planned Parenthood clinic

The purple dot is where the shooting took place. The red dot is Planned Parenthood.

Hats off to a number of sites, including the Daily Caller, for documenting what, I suppose, was inevitable: an hare-brained attempt to somehow connect these brutal murders with the proximity of a Planned Parenthood clinic and (by the most dubious of extension) to pro-lifers.

As Blake Neff notes, the Planned Parenthood clinic is roughly a mile away “with a river, golf course, and dozens of buildings in the way.” Hard to talk yourself into believing that clinic was the real target, or another target, unless you desperately want to.

Aside from the fact that last night it took hours and hours even to identify the husband and wife team that was killed in a shootout with police, no one had a clue what their motive was or who they might be connected to, if anyone.

Click here for the originating article from National Right to Life.