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November 17, 2015

U.S. Senate girds for close vote on Planned Parenthood funds

Within the next few weeks, the U.S. Senate is expected to vote on a special fast-track bill, H.R. 3762, that would block about 89% of the federal funds that go to Planned Parenthood -- about $400 million in the next year.

The Republican Senate leadership is moving the bill through a rare, special process called "reconciliation," which prohibits it from being blocked by a filibuster. But the bill still requires majority support.

The bill already passed the U.S. House of Representatives, on October 23, 2015, by a vote of 240-189. The strong House vote reflected a wave of visible support from grassroots pro-life activists nationwide. In the U.S. Senate, however, a razor-close vote is expected, and it will require an even greater nationwide outpouring of support from grassroots pro-life citizens in order to pass this legislation.

Please act now -- urge your two U.S. senators to support the "pro-life reconciliation bill" (H.R. 3762), to defund Planned Parenthood! Please do not assume that your senators will support the bill -- they need to hear from you!

It takes just minutes to send an email to your two U.S. senators, employing the easy-to-use tools at the National Right to Life Legislative Action Center. When you enter your address, your messages will automatically be directed to the correct senators. You'll be shown a model message about the pro-life reconciliation bill, which you can modify as you see fit before you send it.

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