Equal Rights Amendment

Equal Rights Amendment Update
We are happy to report that the ERA was not called for a vote this week. Thank you for all your hard work to contact your legislators and reach out to others to engage their help on this important issue. Your efforts combined with divine intervention kept the ERA from moving forward. Your voices were truly heard in Springfield this week!

The resolution to ratify the ERA still remains on the table and can still be voted on, but the Illinois Senate and the Illinois House will not meet again until mid January 2018. Click here for more

November 2, 2015

“I don’t think Planned Parenthood should get a red cent from the taxpayer” says new House Speaker Paul Ryan

If you had the chance to watch newly elected pro-life Speaker of the House Paul Ryan(R-Wi.) on even a couple of the Sunday talk shows yesterday (he was on five!), you could readily see why he is pro-life John Boehner’s successor. Ryan is smart, articulate, funny, quick on his feet, and aware that the White House is still controlled by pro-abortion President Barack Obama with Senate Democrats more dedicated than ever to protecting Planned Parenthood .

Asked about defunding Planned Parenthood on “State of the Union,” Ryan told CNN’s Dana Bush

“I don’t think Planned Parenthood should get a red cent from the taxpayer. I’ve always believed that, even before these disgusting videos came out. But I believe we need to do our oversight. We’re just beginning to start a committee to investigate Planned Parenthood. That’s important. So the special committee on Planned Parenthood, I think, should be in the driver’s seat overseeing this process.”

“Congressman Ryan has a deep, abiding respect for all human life, including unborn children and their mothers, the disabled, and the elderly,” said National Right to Life President Carol Tobias. Ryan has compiled a 100% voting record from National Right to Life ever since he entered the House in 1989.

Click here for the originating article from National Right to Life.