May 21, 2015

Gates gives $5M to create 'permanent contraception' drug

Back in October, the Gates Foundation gave $5 million in grant money for the Oregon doctor to come up with a nonsurgical form of “permanent contraception” — a large sum of money going to the pro-abortion population control cause that has raised red flags for many pro-life advocates.

“The news has drawn condemnation from the world’s largest pro-life organization, [which] said the Gates Foundation's obsessive focus on promoting contraception in the third world is based upon a faulty notion of what constitutes authentic ‘development,’ as well as highly suspect data about the actual desire for such contraception,” LifeSiteNews’ Lisa Bourne explained.

“It is difficult to determine what is more outrageous, the uncritical and fawning ‘news’ reporting on every new Gates Foundation sterilization development grant — even as coercive sterilization campaigns continue around the world — or the fact that the Gates Foundation continues to act as if every problem in the developing world can be solved by sterilizing women,” Human Life International Communications Director Stephen Phelan told LifeSiteNews.

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