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ACTION ALERT - HB 40 - Horrible Pro-Abortion, Anti-Life Bill

This bill has the potential to reverse almost every pro-life effort made in Illinois and will protect abortion if regulated, defunded or o...

April 3, 2015

Pro-lifers observe Jesus’ death by standing for life

Throughout Good Friday, pro-lifers across the country will participate in ceremonies at the nation's abortuaries.

“We pray for these children who are threatened by abortion and we pray for their mothers and fathers to choose life,” Eric Scheidler says. “We pray for all those who are involved in the abortion decision, all those involved in working in the abortion industry including the abortion providers themselves. We pray for our nation. We pray for our legislators to do the right thing and restore legal protection to unborn children.”

About 60 cities throughout the country are participating; a complete list appears on the Pro-Life Action League website.

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