December 11, 2014

Abortionist arrested after selling abortions to non-pregnant women

Abortionist Naresh Patel

More facts are being revealed about the arrest of an Oklahoma City abortionist.

On Tuesday, authorities from three Oklahoma police agencies arrested abortionist Naresh Patel, also raiding his office and home to seize information. Operation Rescue president Troy Newman tells OneNewsNow the indictment and arrest came after months of Operation Rescue providing authorities with information about Patel’s underhanded activities.

“We have been hand delivering to authorities a series of information on the real criminal activity that this man has been participating in,” the pro-life leader explains.

Newman says Patel had some abortion drug customers who were really undercover police officers.

“He was actually indicted for selling abortions to women who were not really pregnant, trying to sell them these medical abortions,” he explains. “Three different police agencies actually participated in this. Female undercover police officers went in seeking an abortion when they were not pregnant, and Patel sold abortion drugs to them.”

In the past, Patel has been disciplined on various counts including dumping aborted babies in the trash, dumping them in a field and setting them on fire, and the accusation of molesting a patient during an abortion procedure.

If Patel is convicted, Operation Rescue hopes his medical license will be permanently revoked. His abortion clinic has been closed since Tuesday.

By Charlie Butts via