June 29, 2012

Pro-choice, pro-'gendercide'


New undercover footage further reveals that pro-abortion organizations support sex-selective abortions and encourage women to carry out such terminations.

The latest undercover work from Live Action took place in North Carolina. The video shows a National Abortion Federation (NAF) clinic in Raleigh and a Planned Parenthood clinic in Chapel Hill advising women on how to move forward with aborting their baby girls because they want a boy instead. For example, a worker at the Raleigh clinic advises a woman to lie to her OB/GYN.

Woman: "If I went to them and they did the ultrasound and [said] everything is healthy and it looks good, but it's a girl, would they be judgmental of me if they found out later that I aborted because it was a girl?

NAF: "No. All you would have to do, if you wanted to go back to them for a follow-up or keep them as your regular doctor, just say that you had to go to the hospital and miscarried."

Lila Rose, founder and president of Live Action, says these clinics are hypocritical.

"They are helping the search-and-destroy mission of little girls," she asserts. "And I think that more and more people are realizing that this is fundamentally hypocritical and that the organization and all these groups that claim to pamper women are really helping wage the war against women."

Rose notes that the U.K., Australia and other countries have bans on sex-selective abortion, and she says it is time for the United Sates to ban "this most lethal form of gender discrimination."

"It's about time the United States started to protect these girls from gendercide," she contends.

Live Action's "Gendercide in America" project has now documented abortion clinics' support for sex-selection at eight clinics in five states.

Contact: Bill Bumpas
Source: OneNewsNow