March 9, 2012

Birth-control mandate setting a precedent


A nationwide legal alliance that defends conservative values says the Obama administration's birth-control mandate is one of the greatest threats to Christians' rights in U.S. history.

Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) attorney Kevin Theriot says this government mandate is about religious freedom in America, not about a woman's right to contraceptives. And he views this as one of the greatest threats to Christian liberty in the nation's history "because it's … setting the precedent for the government to be able to impose its will on a religious organization when doing that completely violates the longstanding convictions of that religious group."

So his firm is already defending Louisiana College and Geneva College in their lawsuits against the Obama administration (see earlier story), and they expect to file more lawsuits in the near future.

 "The Alliance Defense Fund is representing religious organizations who have a sincerely held religious belief not to provide abortifacients or other types of care that would violate their religious convictions, and we do that free of charge," Theriot explains.

 Regarding the mandate, the attorney adds, "This is a calculated and intentional attempt to eradicate constitutional protections" that should terrify every freedom-loving American.

Contact: Bob Kellogg
Source: OneNewsNow