March 23, 2012



Your help is needed.  If you live in Illinois House District 54, 93 or 111 we need you to call your representative and let them know that they have your support on voting on HB4117.

These representatives have been receiving negative calls and need to hear that they still have our and your support to vote YES on HB4117.

District 54

Tom Morrison

(217) 782-8026
(224) 210-6959

District 93

Norine Hammond

(217) 782-0416
(309) 836-2707

District 111

Dan Beiser

(217) 782-5996
(618) 465-5900

More on HB4117

This bill amends the Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center Act and provides that an ambulatory surgical treatment center where abortions are performed, and any other facility where 50 or more abortions are performed in any calendar year, must comply with all of the statutes, rules, and regulations applicable to ambulatory surgical treatment centers generally.

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