September 20, 2010

SFLA: North Carolina Governor Refuses to Investigate Fed. Funding of UNC Abortions

      University of North Carolina

Students for Life of America (SFLA) has criticized the governor of North Carolina for failing to investigate the use of federal funds to pay for abortion coverage in the University of North Carolina's insurance plan.

North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue thanked Students for Life of America in a letter for notifying her office of the concern, but did not indicate that any action would be taken, saying only, "I understand you are also communicating with the University of North Carolina system about this issue." SFLA revealed last month that federal funds are being used to pay for abortion coverage in the UNC health insurance plan, in which students are automatically enrolled.
"It is ridiculous the Governor of North Carolina has refused our request for an investigation," SFLA executive director Kristan Hawkins said upon receiving Perdue's letter. "The fact that there could be federal funds at stake in this issue should deeply trouble any public servant. The citizens of North Carolina, most especially the students in the UNC system deserve to know the truth." attempted to contact Governor Perdue's office for further comment on the response, but calls were not returned.

In response to the student group's efforts, the University of North Carolina has said they would allow students to opt-out of the abortion-covering health care; however, SFLA's Hawkins expressed concern that funds from students opting-out would nonetheless end up paying for other students' abortions.

SFLA says it will continue to demand that abortion be removed completely from the UNC System's health care policy and is investigating the use of federal funds to pay for parts of the plan.

Date Published: September 16, 2010